By Debbie “D2” Edwards

Brad and I dusted off the camera, cleaned the lens, and set the studio back up recently, and boy oh boy was it worth it!

We both love diversity and talented people, and we hit pay dirt with our return to the RSR Web TV Channel on YouTube with guest, Jimmy Holmes. After a nearly two year lay-off, during which we relocated from Oklahoma to Indiana and I changed jobs, we were both anxious and ready to get back to filming the show.

When Brad told me that we were interviewing Jimmy, I knew that this interview would be special. Brad spoke of Holmes a few years ago when he reminisced about a fight that he had seen when he lived on the East Coast and was ringside for. He briefed me on Jimmy, advising me that he was a former professional boxer, a school teacher, and a musician.

I found it quite interesting that a person would be engaged in professions that are so profoundly different – a school teacher by day, boxer after school, and a musician by night. Jimmy described himself as a person who “gives it all that he’s got,” and it was obvious that he has a drive, a work ethic, and the energy to do so.

When I peer behind the lens, it is usually to be able to share something that I think will inspire or motivate others. Whose experience could be more inspiring than a person who works multiple jobs that requires differing skill sets in order to attain success in each aspect of it?

Teaching is one of the most noble professions that a person could undertake. Influencing young people’s lives, being a mentor, serving as a role model for future doctors, lawyers, problem solvers, artists, businesspeople and the like gives a person the opportunity to impact the future beyond their lifetime. Couple this with being a warrior in the ring and having the talent to make a guitar invoke a fire in your soul, and what you have is a very well-rounded person who is energetic, enthusiastic, and entertaining.

I absolutely loved his rendition of Crazy Train and Sweet Child of Mine, humming both songs for days after the interview was over.

So, from this interview, outside of meeting a beautiful couple in Jimmy and his lovely wife Renee, I met a person who exemplifies living life to the full.

In closing… Develop differing interests, regardless of how different they may be. Life is short and uncertain. May we all develop our talents and skills to the best of our ability.

By Actor