BB RBBy Debbie “D2” Edwards

Many people limit themselves. If it isn’t something that appeals to their personal tastes or isn’t a direct interest of theirs, they often ignore a particular subject or viewpoint. And while we all have the right to choose what appeals to us, true growth occurs when we step out of those self-exposed confinements.

If there was one interview that I wish that every person wishing to grow would watch, it is the interview that “Bad” Brad recently had with Ron Beasley. Ron’s experiences are, in my opinion, a good learning for everyone, regardless of what stage of life we find ourselves in.

Beasley was an all-state football player with a very promising career ahead of him. He very candidly revealed that his lack of focus lead to a detour in this career. But, the story does not stop at a dead end. Ron joined the US Army, adjusted his focus, and readjusted his goals. After his stint in the Army, he found himself in the world of amateur MMA & Kickboxing, and worked hard to get himself in good fighting shape so as to attain the success that he desires. It hasn’t been easy.

Yet, through this, Ron shared that he uses his military training and work as a platform to reach others. The message that he carries is one of appreciation for life and the quality of life that is available to so many of us, if we are willing to work and make the sacrifices that are necessary to achieve our goals. While Ron sat on the interview couch with “Bad” Brad, he spoke of his time in Afghanistan. The troops had to expect the unexpected. There could be an ambush at any moment. Appreciation for life and our blessings is some of the things that he took from his time there.

So many people refuse to take responsibility for their position in life. How will one change or adjust if he or she doesn’t recognize the need for it and realize that the power for change and adjustment comes from within? Whether the change needed lies in our professional lives, our personalities, our thought processes, or our choices in relationships is irrelevant. The fact remains that we, as individuals, have the power to effect change in our lives if we move in that direction. If we are willing to be honest with ourselves and make the needed sacrifices or take the necessary actions, we can turn things around when the need exists. I appreciated this quality in Ron. He readily expressed that his choices lead to some of the detours that he took in life, but he was wise enough to turn those stumbling blocks into stepping stones. A promising career in football lead him down the path of personal training, and thereafter MMA. And, as in the ring, Ron refuses to quit. He will be successful. He has all of the tools. He simply needs to use them to construct his future.

I encourage everyone to step outside of their comfort zones and stop being limited by our present interests. Look beyond the surface and don’t discount life lessons because they may come from an arena that we don’t normally visit. Whether or not a person is a fan of MMA, boxing, or kickboxing is not important. What is important is that we capture the lessons that surround us in our day to day interactions with others. We can learn so much and gain so much inspiration from one another. We simply need to expand our horizons to do so.

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