new show 010By Debbie “D2” Edwards

(December 17, 2015)

There is nothing more rewarding than doing something for someone who cannot repay you. Such an act of selflessness is motivated by shear goodness and sincerity. While such acts seem few and far between in a society where negativity is commonplace, it is quite refreshing to hear of stories where genuine love and concern for others are the topic. My view from behind the lens may be a bit far reaching, as I sit in Bartlesville Oklahoma and the lens is in Muskogee Oklahoma, yet my vision of the events is crystal clear. “Bad” Brad had the privilege of attending an adoption event at Petco in Muskogee Oklahoma that was sponsored by Fur Babies Adoptions & Rescue. I would be remiss if I failed to mention that we received a blessing in the form of a puppy, Ms. Bella Dawn Berkwitt, joining our family, but the rewards of volunteering to save animals that have been abused or neglected far outweigh the risks.

“Bad” Brad interviewed Delcie Lewis who is the Founder of Fur Babies for almost three years. Delsie and her coworkers are very passionate about saving dogs from the perils of human ignorance and negligence. What I found interesting is the ways that we as a community can assist our furry friends in their times of need. One of the most obvious ways is through adoption, but if we are unable to meet the full-time obligation of adoption, our assistance in walking the dogs, cleaning up behind them, or serving as temporary foster families would be helpful. Delsie also encouraged spaying and neutering pets in an attempt to control the already stretched pet population. She welcomed us, the general public, to put her out of work. Responsible pet ownership is the key in being good stewards of our furry friends.

Yes, there truly is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving. Whether we can give of our time, our energy, or our finances, I encourage everyone experience the joy of participation in ensuring a good quality of life for our animal population to the degree that their personal situation allows. The rewards are priceless! You will have a loyal, dedicated companion that will enrich your life as you bring enrichment to theirs.

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