Baccarat has become one of the most popular games in live dealer casinos. There are often 75 to 90 hands per hour during a live dealer Baccarat. Live speed Baccarat is faster than the regular version of Baccarat. Here is what you need to know about live speed Baccarat.

Live Speed Baccarat Software Providers

Live speed Baccarat software is currently being offered by Evolution Gaming only. Evolution gaming is one of the best software providers when it comes to real money online casino games at the best high roller casinos. The company operates in areas that are regulated, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are some of the areas that the company operates in. you can find live Baccarat in one of those regulated areas.

Speed Baccarat and Other Live Versions: What is The Difference

A game of live Baccarat can last for 48 seconds. This time includes the drawing of cards by the dealer to everything that is done during a game. 48 seconds would be considered fast but live Baccarat is faster than that. Live speed Baccarat can last for 27 seconds. When it comes to live speed Baccarat, there is little time to make decisions. You will have 13 seconds to place a bet once a dealer begins drawing cards.

Live Speed Baccarat is Similar to Live Baccarat

Live speed Baccarat is very similar to the regular live best online casino Baccarat. The rules as well as the scoring of the game are the same.

• Aces are seen as 1
• Face cards are seen as 0
• 2-9 as seen to be worth their numerical value

Side Bets and Regular Bets

Live speed version also features regular bets. Here are the bets that are involved.

• The banker hand
• The player hand
• Both hands, tie
There are other side bets in speed live Baccarat. Here are the side bets that are involved

• Perfect pair, both
• Perfect pair, single
• Either pair


There are several advantages that come with the speed live dealer Baccarat version. These include the ability to customise your table among other things.

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