Every fan of pugilism has once dreamt of trying to put this passion for the game to some greater use. While such opportunities were much scarcer in the past, today’s modern era has enable multiple ways in which to make use of any skills you have. When it comes to boxing in particular, there is one invention that should do the trick.

Online sportsbooks have largely transformed the sports betting industry, and are now available to sports enthusiasts on various devices. Still, no matter which one you choose to access your sport.netbet.co.uk account, there is bound to be a boxing match waiting for your prediction on the outcome. Learn the basics of the trade and start using your passion for both entertainment and profiting purposes.

Find a Reliable Sportsbook

Those of you who have equipped themselves with an account are ready to go, but there are bound to be even more who still haven’t decided to take the step. Bear in mind that this is really important for your future endeavors – only reliable online betting platforms can provide you with the desired results.

Learn the Types of Bets

Each sport available at the major online sportsbooks can be subject to various betting models. The most basic form implies that you are betting on one of the opponents – individual, pair or team of athletes – to win, and the other one to lose. The same applies for boxing. In this case, you are betting on the underdog or the match favorite to win the game.

Other than this bet type, there are others more complex due to the fact that they factor in additional aspects of the game. Namely, there are even bets that include the boxing style of the athlete, so anyone informed about it can bet on their chosen winner, as well as the way in which they are going to win (by decision/by knockout).

Ultimately, you can even eliminate the athletes altogether and bet on the match in general. The match duration is usually involved in these cases – bookmakers set a total number of rounds, 11.5 per say, and allow bettors to bet on whether the match will last OVER or UNDER that time.

Understand the Odds

The odds in boxing are expressed with minus and plus signs for the favorite and underdog party, respectively. For instance, the match favorite’s odds of winnings can be -250, and the underdog’s will be +200. This means that, if you bet on the favorite (-250) to win, you will need to bet $250 to win $100. On the other hand, betting $100 on the underdog with odds +200 will allow you to win $200.

Develop Betting Strategies

Once you have perfected the abovementioned aspects, you can start developing some betting strategies to maximize your winnings and make use of your boxing knowledge. For this, it is important that you are able to identify value bets – bets that require small wagers but bring in high winnings. All the types of bets discussed above can be valuable, as long as you understand them.

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