Hollywood_SignBy “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

It seems like Hollywood cannot come up with any new idea these days for movies. The constant remakes which turn out to be Box Office bombs are plentiful. If you look to bookmaking which has better odds, William Hill one of the best UK bookmakers offers top notch odds and bonuses.

Hill is a a safer bet than any Hollywood remake of a film classic. Over the years, movie viewers have come to theaters in droves, but numbers are down with Tinsel Town putting out so much crap. What will it take to have consistent movies that meet the mark of yesteryear? I don’t know, but I do know this…

It takes good screenwriting and writers who dare to go against the grain. Here’s hoping it’s sooner rather than later, Hollywood gets it together.

This is why you saw yesterday and today a huge outpouring of love for acting legend Gene Wilder who sadly, died at the age of 83, from Alzheimer’s.  His body of work will always be there for us even if Hollywood never gets it together.


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