BBB Press Release

Many viewers of The “Bad” Brad Berkwitt Show know that “Bad” Brad’s favorite male singer of all time is Francis Albert Sinatra. Berkwitt has one of the biggest Sinatra CD collections in the world, with lots of rare Sinatra memorabilia as well. With that said, the other day, one of his show viewers from Oklahoma named Rosemary McIntosh-Quillen sent “BB” a video to watch of a crooner doing a parody of the hit Sinatra Song New York New York on The Stephen Colbert Show last year. The lyrics were changed to make fun of Donald Trump’s leaving New York City to move to West Palm Beach, Florida.

It was a hilarious video with millions of YouTube Views which had Berkwitt trying to to find out who the singer was? When he did, it led to the booking of Crooner and Sports Writer, Pete Caldera who appears on The “Bad” Brad Berkwitt Show this Thursday, November 12, 2020.

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