(October 2, 2015)

IMG_2868By Debbie “D2” Edwards

Athletes aren’t required to be role models, but it is refreshing to see when one is. For after all, what better example is there than someone who disciplines his mind and his body, who tests his endurance on a daily basis, who demands so much of himself? And while the eye can see the physical results of this, the mind can only guess the inner thoughts of an athlete; the pain, the fear, the uncertainty on what the next challenge may bring. Many of us have observed this, but fewer have lived it.

It was with great anticipation that I sat behind the lens in filming “Bad” Brad’s interview with Haze Wilson. I met Haze months ago at Apollo’s in Tulsa. He was a physically imposing figure, with biceps that rival those of Lou Ferrigno. Yet, when he spoke, his gentle politeness struck me. Filming him reconfirmed this. Before me sat a Professional Super Heavyweight Champion Kick Boxer. I’ve seen him in action. He could dismantle a room in about ten seconds. Yet, when “Bad” Brad asked him about boxing being in his future plans, his response was that he does what Mr. Cook tells him to do. Either Dale Cook still has that vicious spinning back kick in his arsenal, or Haze Wilson is an agreeable, teachable young man. My guess is the latter. Here’s why.

Haze revealed to us that he once weighed 408 pounds. At his most recent weigh-in, he came in at 239 pounds. At 340 pounds, he expressed an interest to Boxing Trainer Randy Rouse (a regular on The “Bad” Brad Berkwitt Show) in fighting. This was some time ago. Randy told Haze that if he showed up to the gym every day for three months, he would put him on a card. Haze showed up. Randy put him on the card. This was the start of something special.

While I cannot peer into the future as I can peer behind the camera lens, I feel certain that this young man has a bright future in store. Anyone who is willing to put forth a consistent effort to transform his body to this degree, who works a full time job and still trains at his level of intensity, and is teachable and respectful while knowing his strengths and acknowledging his weaknesses will be successful. In fact, anyone who can do these things is already successful.

So, in our day to day lives when we are a bit tired or drained, when we have obstacles to overcome, when we have mental barriers to surpass, look at Haze Wilson’s appearance on our show. Look at that figurative shiner on your eye, shed yourself of the excess weight, whether literal or figurative, embrace your strengths, but acknowledge your weaknesses and know that you can achieve whatever it is that you desire. You just have to be willing to put the work in.

By Actor