“Bad” Brad is over the left shoulder of Kevin Spacey with the beard

By Geno McGahee                                                                                                         

(May 11, 2014) Last May, “Bad” Brad Berkwitt was fresh into his acting career and landed a gig on House of Cards with Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. It was a long 17 hour shoot where he played a DC VIP. Well, in the 15th hour of shooting, he got pulled aside to be in a scene with Spacey and Wright where he would shake hands with them and trade a few non scripted lines. Berkwitt, was pumped to act with these two fantastic actors. In his mind, he nailed the scene and like all actors do, he waited for the finished product. When season two of House of Cards was released, Berkwitt went on Netflix to see how he did. Here’s where the editing came in. His big scene had been cut down to just seeing the back of his head and then, the scene quickly went into another shot. “Bad” Brad being a seasoned pro after many acting gigs in just a little over a year, was not disappointed. He actually got a kick out of at least being seen for his efforts in that very long shooting day in a few scenes that did make episode 15 of season two of House of Cards.

Berkwitt said, “Of course any actor would like to see himself deliver lines, but in the end, the editing didn’t allow that this time around. I still have fond memories of the shoot. The learning experience to work opposite Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, two fantastic actors, was an honor. Next time, maybe my big scene  may not wind up on the editing room floor. But hey, the check cleared, and that is alright with me.”

“Bad” Brad with his back to the camera

Probably the clearest shot of “Bad” Brad over Kevin’s right shoulder

The big scene that didn’t make the cut. You can see the back of “Bad” Brad’s head.

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