By Geno McGahee

(September 19, 2013) “Bad” Brad Berkwitt returned to Virginia this past Monday from Taping The Wiseguy Kitchen TV Show before a sold out audience at the Sage Supper Club in Clearwater Florida.
Berkwitt said, “Working with my Paisan and the star of the show Vincent Fiore, (Vinnie Rigatoni) along with , David DiLorenzo, (Bobby Pencils The Bookie), Phil Card (Uncle Carmine), Big Lou (Vinnie’s TV Wife), Michelle Yeager (Mrs Vinnie Rigatoni) and Director John Parsonson in front of a Sold Out audience at the Sage Supper Club was amazing. The new direction we have taken the show is very exciting for all involved. Look for more episodes being shot very soon.”

Stay tuned for more news on Berkwitt’s acting career as he delves further into television, movies and stage.

By Actor