Thelma Book CoverBy “Bad” Brad Berkwitt

(August 22, 2013) Anyone that really knows me knows I am a huge fan of Frank Sinatra’s music and his ability to embody a lyric that is simply put, magical. Well, I mention this because I have always felt that writers can also embody the words they write in books. This applies to Thelma Wright who in her first book, “WITH EYES FROM BOTH SIDES: LIVING MY LIFE IN AND OUT OF THE GAME” as told to and written by C. Alease.

Before I get into my full review, let me tell you how I came to find out about and eventually meet Thelma, who I also call “Green Eyes”. Last Saturday night, I was watching the fights on HBO, but they started getting boring and I was channel surfing, something I am infamous for. While surfing, I came across a biography on the Biography Channel called “Gangsters: America’s Most Evil,” featuring Philly’s Gangster Queen, Thelma Wright. The story was very captivating and I was turning between channels during commercials for it, but finally, gave up the boring fights and stuck with Thelma’s story and what a story she has.

As I always do, if a story peeks my interest, I google to find out more about the person or story. I found Thelma had a website and I shot her an email about getting a Press Copy of her book to review. She personally hit me back right away and was very professional about getting me a book out right away for me to review.

She also come to find out, loves boxing, but told me her story would be more interesting. The jury was still out on that until I read her tome. Well, Thelma – 1, “Bad” Brad – 0 because it sure was!

As I mentioned she has piercing “Green Eyes” and the cover of her book shows them to a tee which that alone draws you in if you saw this book on the shelf.

Her story starts in Philly back in the late 1950’s with a loving Mom and Dad and a big family that included brothers and sisters. Thelma went to Catholic School and excelled in sports. She was a self described at that time, a “Tom Boy”. As the years rolled by, and the “Tom Boy” became a woman, who enjoyed life and would meet a bigtime Drug Dealer named Jackie Wright who would take her to the highest of highs and lowest of lows. As she called it “Crazy Love”…..

Jackie would give her attention and lots of love, but a few years into the relationship, during an altercation on her birthday, he shot her in the leg when she confronted him about not spending the day with her on her special day. End of story right? Sure, for most, but not for Thelma and “Crazy Love”. This incident would lead to many others that she describes in detail in her book and why she stayed. She would marry Jackie and give birth to a son, Jackiem Wright, who was and still is, the love of her life. Jackie would be killed in 1986 and where he left off, Thelma stepped in and ran the drug business doing very well.

Many would ask, how did a Catholic girl, from a loving family, who excelled in sports get involved in the drug trade? Read the book and find out! To even entice you more, I am not going to tell you how the story turns out because that may be the biggest SHOCKER of them all to the Thelma Wright story. I read this book in one sitting and it’s a very well written easy read. My biggest concern about a book that is based on a true story, is how well that story is told – paints a picture for me that I can visually see. With Eyes From Both Sides: Living My Life In and Out Of The Game did that and both my “Eyes” were wide open and could not wait to get to the next chapter….

Bravo, Bravo and Bravo to Thelma Wright and her writer C. Alease.

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