By Geno McGahee

Photos by Joe Henson, NYC

(June 24, 2013)“Bad” Brad Berkwitt in just a short time, has found success in his new career as a fulltime actor and to support that career, has launched a brand new website  designed by his longtime friend, and advisor, Mel Walker AKA Grim X.

Berkwitt said, “with my father’s spirit constantly looking over me, I have been truly blessed to have found a level of success in my acting career that has put me alongside some very talented people to include, actors, set crews, producers and directors.

The constant support towards my acting career from my closest friends, has been truly moving. I especially want to thank my acting teacher Michael J. Baker, JR., one of the finest people I have ever met.

I want to welcome everyone to my new site and come back often for updates that are going on in my acting career”.

By Actor