Press Release

Photos by Joe Henson, NYC

(May 21, 2013) The beloved Mistress C. who is taking over the radio airwaves with her hit show, “The Whip Appeal Talk Show” had on “Bad” Brad Berkwitt on her show tonight for about 45 minutes. From the minute they started talking, it sounded like two old friends who have known each other for years. Listen to Mistress C. talk to “Bad” Brad about his acting career which is on the fast track and a lot of common things about the human race that they share. You’re also in for a treat because Berkwitt does his Tony Knuckles character from the hit show,
The Wiseguy Kitchen & “Dinner With The Mob” for Mistress C. who in turn, does a spot on imitation of Rocky Balboa hailing a taxicab in NYC.

You don’t want to miss listening to this show…

Click HERE to listen to “The Whip Appeal Talk Show” with Mistress C

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