By Geno McGahee
Photos by  Joe Henson, NYC

(May 15, 2013) The acting career of “Bad” Brad Berkwitt has taken off in just a short period of time, landing roles in shows like VEEP along with some programming on the ID Network. Berkwitt now joins the hit show: “The Wiseguy Kitchen TV Show and “Dinner With The Mob”, playing “Tony Knuckles,” a former boxer/Mafioso character that makes up part of Vinny’s crew.

Berkwitt said that “joining the cast of The Wiseguy Kitchen “Dinner With The Mob” is a honor. To be working with a veteran actor like Vincent Fiore, and award-winning actress, Connie Lamothe, is truly a thrill. The dress rehearsals were a great deal of fun and I think the crowd is in for a great show.”

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