The Brad Berkwitt Show Goes Live…

BBB Press Release

The Brad Berkwitt Show is hosted by Brad Berkwitt a career Navy man who served his country honorably for 20 years and 28 days (Sept 2, 1986 – Sept 30, 2006).

From an early age, Brad had strong views about the world from a very compassionate side and would share those ideas in the classroom and other places. Berkwitt’s late father Alvin, who was 40 years his senior, was a strong advocate for human rights and marched in 63, with Martin King Luther, JR., and years later, was featured on the NBC Nightly News in June of 77, when he took on at that time, Anita Bryant who was attacking the gay community shamelessly.

Brad carries the torch for human rights from his dad that his lost on July 2, 1998. On The Brad Berkwitt Show you will hear no punches pulled from Brad who will speak out against any injustices he sees fit.

So, tune in because you never know what Brad may say or talk about, but we guarantee this, it will be at times, very controversial and others very entertaining…

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